Unified Communications PBX System

PBX Calls Recordings Management

  • Labeling Calls (Flags).
  • Associate Calls with a Reference.
  • Create Notes Associated with the Call.
  • Create Report with different filters.
  • And more!...

What Is Sonata Recording Management?

Sonata Recording Management is a software through which you can manage the recordings of your PBX.
With Sonata RM you have the following options:


With Sonata RM you can group the Agents by Team, that way only the Supervisor is allowed to see the recordings of the Team to which it is associated.


In the Main Panel, the Agent can observe his last calls, the Supervisor can see the last calls of his Team, and the Administrator the last calls of the system. It is also possible to manage Flag, Reference and Note, as well as listen to the recording. Only the Supervisor or Administrator can qualify the call.


It is possible to catalog the type of call using different color flags associated with different texts. These allow us to search for calls by flag type, for example Green Flag -> Sale, Red Flag -> Support, etc.

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