What is VitalPBX?

VitalPBX is a free fully featured business telephone and communications system. It is a complete platform that can be installed on physical hardware on-site or as a hosted application. VatalPBX acts as the top layer interface to the foundation of Linux then Asterisk (one of the most popular communications toolkits in the world). Put simply VitalPBX is the graphical User Interface between you and the complex world of modern communications, VitalPBX will help you implement a secure telephone system for your business, make savings, take advantage of recent innovations and give you opportunities to integrate your business processes if you wish to do so.

Easy to Use

VitalPBX is built to be easy to use with tooltips across the system and a coherent user interface throughout.


In today’s cyber environment anyone running a telephony system should be aware of security hazards and avoid them.  VitalPBX offers various levels of protection against cyber threats in the VoIP world.


Tabs allow for easy access.  If you need to check anything while configuring another, it is as fast as opening another tab.

Countries where VitalPBX has a presence

VitalPBX has been installed in 59 out of 217 countries. That is 27.19%. And growing.

Phone Brands Homologated with VitalPBX

VitalPBX Overview

VitalPBX Carasterísticas

List of Some Features

Some Images

Youtube Channel

Services & Products

Free Support
We offer support through our forum, where surely some of our professionals in VitalPBX will attend.
Professional Support
We can help with everything from implementation assistance to upgrades and production down emergencies. VitalPBX support experts are a team of dedicated professionals who communicate clearly and focus on rapid problem resolution.
Commercial Modules
We offer modules so that you take your PBX to the next level.

Customer/Community Testimonials

These are some comments from our users and community, which we share with our community.

Some Customers

Recent Blog

Here you will find the latest news, announcements and tutorials that will help you get better results from your VitalPBX telephone system

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