VitalPBX 2.3.8

We are so pleased to announce that today we are releasing VitalPBX 2.3.8. This version includes all of the changes announced on VitalPBX 2.3.7 (RC), and some other improvements and bug fixes.

VitalPBX | Unified Communications System | Free PBX System | Enterprise PBX Asterisk

Unified Communications System

VitalPBX is a free phone system based on the solid Linux and Asterisk platforms offering a whole new level of user experience which offers fully-responsive user interface and easy to use on any screen size.

VitalPBX pbx software unified communication asterisk system open source pbx system software


VitalPBX integrates a modern SwitchBoard, with which you can monitor real-time activity throughout your PBX.

Free phone system based on Asterisk


An advanced Windows Softphone for Call Center which integrates presence, Chat, Video Call, BLF, etc.

Softphone for Call Centers which integrates Presence, Chat, Video Call, BLF, and much more

Video Conference

Go ahead, video chat with the whole team. In fact, invite everyone you know. The Video Conference is a fully encrypted, 100% open source video conferencing solution that you can use all day, every day, for free and fully integrated with VitalPBX . Powered by Jitsi.

Unified communications - video conference meeting business - Free PBX monitoring phone system based on asterisk

Billing System

VitalPBX integrates a complete Call Accounting System through which you can generate a wide variety of reports manually and automatically.

VitalPBX provides you with the freedom and flexibility to custom design business communications around your needs

Recordings Management

VitalPBX integrates a recording manager with which you can do the following:

• Label Calls (Flags)

• Associate Calls with a Reference

• Create Notes Associated with the Call

• Create Reports with different filters

• And more!...

Sonata Recording Management is a software through which you can manage the recordings of your PBX
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VitalPBX - Fastest growing PBX system based on Asterisk

VitalPBX is a free telephone and communications system for companies. It is a complete platform that can be installed on the physical hardware on the site or as a hosted application. VitalPBX acts as the upper layer interface for the Linux base and then Asterisk (one of the most popular communication toolkits in the world). For this reason, VitalPBX is the graphic user interface between you and the complex world of modern communications. VitalPBX will help you implement a secure telephone system for your company, save, take advantage of recent innovations and provide opportunities to integrate your business processes if you wish to do so.

VitalPBX is a unified communications PBX system based on Asterisk and Linux (Centos 7). VitalPBX provides a robust and scalable platform, which will allow you to manage your PBX in an easy and intuitive way.

Easy To Use

VitalPBX is built to be easy to use with tooltips across the system and a coherent user interface throughout.


In today’s cyber environment anyone running a telephony system should be aware of security hazards and avoid them. Our PBX system, VitalPBX offers various levels of protection against cyber threats in the VoIP world.


Tabs allow for easy access. If you need to check anything while configuring another, it is as fast as opening another tab.

Countries where VitalPBX has a presence

Our PBX system, VitalPBX has been installed in 123 out of 217 countries. That is (56.68%), and growing.

Features of the fastest growing PBX system

Call Features

  • Three Way Calling
  • Call Transfer (blind, attended)
  • Call Waiting
  • Video Calling
  • Boss/Secretary + Whitelist
  • More...

Unified communications system

  • Video/Audio Conferencing
  • Chat
  • Voicemail To E-mail
  • Call Recordings Access
  • Multiple Devices Per User
  • More...


  • Complete Free Unlimited PBX System
  • Call limited by duration
  • Class Of Service
  • Advanced Dialing Restriction Rules
  • Least Cost Routing
  • Real Time Supervisor


  • Built-in Firewall
  • Intrusion detection and blocking
  • User Permission Management
  • Call Encryption (SIP TLS, sRTP)
  • Password Strength Indicator
  • More...

VitalPBX is completely free | We offer business telecommunications products and services with the highest standards of quality and safety.

Free Support

We offer support through our forum, where surely some of our professionals in VitalPBX will attend.

Professional Support

We can help with everything from implementation assistance to upgrades and production down emergencies. VitalPBX support experts are a team of dedicated professionals who communicate clearly and focus on rapid problem resolution.

Commercial Modules

We offer modules so that you take your PBX system to the next level.

What Our Customers Have to Say

These are some comments from our users and community, which we share with our community

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VitalPBX 2.3.8

We are so pleased to announce that today we are releasing VitalPBX 2.3.8. This version includes all of the changes announced on VitalPBX 2.3.7 (RC),

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