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Bug with CID Lookup still kicking?  


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14/08/2019 4:46 am  

Last night I added CID Lookup to all my Inbound Routes.
Not being good with multitasking 😀 , I was solving some other non related issue at the same time and testing some firwall rules. I then went to sleep.

However without realizing it, I accidentely blocked the webserver  on which our CID_LOOKUP.php was running.

Today I started late at the office.
When I came in, I was told, that we had had some big phone outage this morning.
My IT colleague told me that we had been unreachable on all locations for  almost 1 1/2 hour.
Because I e-mailed him about what I had done last night, he started hos trouble shooting looking at the CID Lookup.

At Reports --> Status, he noticed the CIDLOOKUP-1 kept being at the "Ring" state, while he was calling our inbound numbers. after about 30 seconds, people calling our DID where getting the voicemail of their provider saying: "This number is not in service righnow!"
Furthermore inbound calls where not passed on to the underlying queues.
Everyone being in panic, he just deleted all CID Lookups and the phones started working again.

Now what happend?
We believe that because the webserver was inaccessable (essentially down), the CID lookup was not working and therefore the inbound calls were transfered to the next VitalPBX module in line.

We tested the above on our testPBX and testwebserver and the result were reproducible.
So a not working CID Lookup will seriously mess with your VitalPBX 😎 

A similar "bug" seems to has been reported almost a year ago: https://vitalpbx.org/en/community/general-discussion/bug-with-cid-lookup/#post-11

and should haven been fixed according to link: https://vitalpbx.org/en/vitalpbx-2-0-5/ (you need to scroll to the botton of the page).
Our own VitalPBX is version: 2.3.4-2

Apparently the bug came back from holliday to play havoc with VitalPBX afficionados. 😊 

So VitalpBX team, could you please have a look at this?
And could you fixit, that a CID Lookup time-out won't cripple the PBX sytem?

Thanks in advanced for your help.







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14/08/2019 8:46 am  

Thanks for reporting the issue, we will work on it and release for the next RC version, because, we recently released the version 2.3.6 of VitalPBX


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