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Inbound authorization based on callerid without pin  


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11/02/2019 6:18 am  

I have deployed VitalPBX for a client, and they are very happy with the result thus far.  It has proven to be much more stable than FreePBX, and is fairly intuitive with modern interface.

There is one part of the business model which they are unable to implement using VitalPBX which appears there is something very close.  What they would like to do is setup a route (like the PIN verification route), using CallerID only -- no pin prompt.  The feature in place which is very close, has the pin field as required.

Is there any way to configure a list of numbers that are allowed to use specific trunks with specific dial plans assigned, that allows for outbound calling.  The flow works like this :


1. Caller calls a specific number on the switch.
2. Switch looks up callers caller id in database. If not listed, switch aborts the call with a Not In Service tone (or other tone that indicates the line is dead/inaccessible)
3.  If listed in the database, switch then plays a dialtone or greeting, and allows caller to enter digits.
4.  Digits are checked against a number plan, and if valid - call is routed to that number using the trunk assigned to that number plan.

If such a feature doesn't exist, could you please implement this.  I have been checking the system through every update and haven't seen any change to the feature that comes close to what my client needs. The PIN is required for each number.

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11/02/2019 7:53 am  

We will analyze it your suggestion in deep with our team to give you a clear answer about it.


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