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[Solved] Inter company routing (Intra-Company)  


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30/03/2020 9:15 am  

Hi there,


I am going to be plain honest, i am a PBX noob/greenie but i've got a question to ask.

I have been reading myself into the works of PBX and i have been testing out VitalPBX and i kind of have a basic grasp of how it all works. The manual has been a great deal of help!


Now my question, when i go to PBX -> External -> Outbound routes

i assume that this is for routing your outgoing traffic and i assume that this is where you can configure inter company communcation even from within a different company.

Now i have setup my Trunks cause i understood a good 90% of what i had to do but the thing i cannot find or can not get my head around is the following :


How do i route the necessary extensions to that Trunk? In other words, i do not fully understand the 4 options thats given and how to configure them :/ 


Prepend - Prefix - Pattern - CID Pattern

From what i get, if the call is outbound to another country, i can add the country code in 'Prepend' so it gets added automatically but thats all i get out of it.

But how can i lets say, if my local extensions range from 6000 - 6999, and i want to call the external extensions 7000 - 7999 which are some where else, that they go through that route?


Could some one elaborate on this for me?


I am sorry for the trouble but would glady appreciate any kind of help!



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30/03/2020 5:44 pm  

If you want to call intra-company extensions, in this case, the range is 7000 - 7999, then, you must fill the pattern field with the following value:


With only this, you will be able to dial the extension range above.

Now, if you have the same numbering range, you may use the prefix to avoid collision with your local extension numbers.

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31/03/2020 1:05 am  

Thanks a lot for that confirmation!

I had been re-reading the manual several times because i just couldn't get it but then it all began to make sense and now you've confirmed what i thought.