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NAT traversal and Grandstream phones  


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13/08/2019 3:35 pm  

Need a suggestion. I have a client with GS GXP1782s, running early firmware. They currently connect to a Kerio Operator PBX from behind a NAT, and I want to move them over to VPBX. However, the registration connection times out regardless of what NAT settings I give to the device, and the extension after 60 or 90 seconds becomes "Unreachable" and we get one way audio. With other clients I prevent this by logging into each phone and setting NAT traversal to "Keep-Alive" but due to geography this isn't possible, nor do the users have admin access to the phones. How to tell VitalPBX to not drop the registration?

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14/08/2019 9:01 am  

I recommend you to play a little bit with the qualify frequency parameter on the default SIP Profile. It is recommended to set to low value if you use a low timeout for NAT of UDP sessions.

Check the picture attached


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