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I have specific logic needs for a client.  There any way to configure if/or routes for night mode? Have to be able to have system appropriately call forward for night mode or a BLF set for call forward.



BLF 1 - night mode with context forwards to  owner cell #1

BLF 2 - night mode with conext forward to owner cell #2

Person be able to press either BLF key, to specify where calls will forward during night mode, have it determine that if one mode isnt enabled, goto next night mode, without being endless loop.  As would still need to be able to come out and ring if logic says so..

As I would inbound route pointing to NightMode Context (NM_XX), and it figures if its on or off and what to do or where to route calls.


I was able to do similar with more advanced logic using modules with Call Flow Editor. Using "call Path switch"


any help with such config or logic?  As the Time Condition settings isnt enough, as they just want night mode or regular forward set like an analog system.  Without my intervention time to time to manually forward to correct location.


***Calls  currently dump into a ring group,   be different if say calls came into a single extension first.

****Unless if a single phone that is within that Ring Group has the call forward set, or even pickup group specified with call forward BLF.. Would that work?

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