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Suppress notification emails from cron  


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14/03/2019 5:20 pm  

Is there a way to disable email notifications when cron executes?

I have a script set up with the task manager and cron profile, and it runs every 5 minutes to check the status of the trunks. If a trunk changes status it will email me a notice.

However cron sends me an email every time any cron job is run, which means I get an email every 5 minutes!

I have manually edited the task-manager-1 entry in /etc/cron.d to append ">/dev/null 2>&1" to the command which suppresses the cron email, but every time there is a system update this extra bit gets deleted and the emails start again.

I have set MAILTO="" in /etc/crontab but that doesn't seem to stop the cron emails.


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15/03/2019 9:15 am  

We will check it.. thanks for reporting it.


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