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version 3.0  


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11/04/2020 6:05 pm  

Is it possible to know the new features of the upcoming version 3.0

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Rodrigo Cuadra
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12/04/2020 9:13 am  

All changes and new modules will be seen in training at the end of April-2020.

See agenda in the following link:

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12/04/2020 5:11 pm  

Here is a sneak-peak:

  • Use of PHP 7
  • MariaDB 10
  • Asterisk 17
  • and much more!

With VitalPBX 3.0, introducing new Modules

  • Sonata Dialer, an advanced system to perform outbound campaigns.
  • Sonata Stats, an add-on to get advanced reports of your Queues and Agents
  • VitXi, WebRTC client to have all your communications in one place, from video and audio calls to text, chat, and file sharing.:
  • And more....!
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12/05/2020 1:18 pm  

It would be nice to be able to send welcome email after you create extensions

1) links to download the VitXi mobile app or QR scan code (QR code expires within 24 hours, and cannot be used twice)

2) Login URL / credentials which expires within 24 hours