Geo Firewall Add-on Module

Unified Communications PBX System

Increased security

With today’s accessibility to the internet, the world has become even smaller and we are able to communicate with anyone around the globe. We now have voice over IP connections established through the internet, and that makes our connections to our business and homes more reachable. But sometimes, people from places we do not intend to give access to our means of communication, in this case, our PBX systems, try to connect and use it for their own benefit.

At VitalPBX we want to make it easier to control who can connect or not to our PBX system. That is why we have created this brand-new commercial module called “Geo Firewall”. With the Geo Firewall add-on, you can choose specific countries that can and cannot connect to your PBX system. And we have made it as easy as it gets.

How does it work?

To use the Geo Firewall add-on, you simply select the countries you wish to block access to your PBX, and then click “Save”. It is as simple as that. The add-on will make sure to block any requests incoming from the blocked countries selected, and only allow from those that are allowed.

How to get it?

To get the Geo Firewall Add-On, make sure that you are running the latest version of VitalPBX, 2.3.6-1 or Higher. You can update by clicking “Check for Updates” on the Admin Menu on the Web UI.

Then you can go to Admin > Add-Ons > Add-Ons, and press install next to “Geo Firewall”.

You can learn more about the installation of our add-ons on our blog article about add-ons. Once installed, you can purchase a license to activate it from the store section on our website. With the Unlicensed version of the add-on, you can block only one country so you can try it out!

So, the Geo-Firewall add-on module for VitalPBX adds a new layer of security for your PBX. Allowing you to block any unwanted requests from countries you know you have no business with