Migrating Elastix to VitalPBX

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Thinking about speeding up the process of your migration from Elastix to VitalPBX? We have developed a script that will allow implementers to migrate most of the configurations from PBXs based on Elastix to VitalPBX, quickly and easily. This script is hosted on GitHub and the code is completely open, so developers who want to contribute to improve the script and add new functionalities are welcomed.

Below we will explain the step by step of how to install and execute this script:

  • First, make a backup of your Elastix database:
 mysqldump -uroot -pYOURPASS asterisk > elastix.sql
  • Upload the generated SQL file to VitalPBX Server
  • Mount your Elastix database on VitalPBX server
mysql -uroot -e"create database elastix"
mysql -uroot elastix < elastix.sql
  • Install the git app
yum install git -y
  • Clone the repository
cd /usr/share
git clone https://github.com/VitalPBX/ElastixToVPBX.git elastix_to_vpbx
  • Execute the migration script
php /usr/share/elastix_to_vpbx/migrate.php


As you can see, migrating Elastix to VitalPBX only involves a couple of steps, and it is very easy and quick to carry them out.



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This project started with the objective of creating a system/interface for the administration of PBX systems based on Asterisk,  easy to use, totally adapted for different mobile devices (Fully Responsive Design), and with all the characteristics of an advanced telecommunications system; Combining the flexibility from Asterisk with concepts that have been satisfactorily used in traditional telephone systems, concepts that somehow were ignored by the new generations of IP telephony.

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