Letter to followers of the Ombutel Project

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Dear Ombutel Community,

As you may know, Telesoft began the Ombutel Project more than 4 years ago and concreted a strategic alliance with Xorcom for the last two and a half years. Alliance which helped us substantially improve the product and establish better control standards in which Xorcom has substantial experience.

Today, Telesoft and Xorcom have decided to part ways and continue to grow their respective projects independently, which is why Telesoft has acquired the exclusive rights of Ombutel, effective as of September 1st.

We welcome you to this new stage in which we affirm our commitment to continue developing and distributing Ombutel as a free platform.

What can be expected in the upcoming versions of Ombutel?
1- Development and documentation of the API for integration with third parties
2- Software optimizations (Performance, Usability)
3- Integration of the PJSIP (Extensions, Trunks)
4- Module to perform Full System Backup / Recovery.
5- Integration of commercial modules:

  1. Call Detail and Tariff Recording
  2. Recordings Management
  3. Switchboard (New Monitoring Panel)

6- Free Add-ons (Installable from the GUI):

  1. Custom Context
  2. IVR Statistics
  3. Video Conference based on WEBRTC
  4. Home Automation and more!


Avaya is a VoIP phone system that can be hosted in the cloud or on-premises.

Both options can serve thousands of employees and include a wide array of calling, collaboration, and mobile tools. This Avaya system supports multiple locations and can easily have contact center services tacked on to the service.

Avaya equipment and software integrate voice and data services for customers including large corporations, government agencies, and small businesses.

We thank you, whom as a community, have trusted us and have provided valuable feed-back essential to address issues and improve the project. We invite you to continue supporting the project through the forum and social networks.


Rodrigo Cuadra

Rodrigo Cuadra

Rodrigo Cuadra

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