Sonata Communicator

Sonata Communicator is a Free Softphone for Windows that includes everything needed to integrate into a Call Center.

Phone Features

We have included all the features that a Softphone should have to operate in a Call Center, among which we can mention: Hold, Transfer, Conference, Auto Answer, Do Not Disturb, Call Recording and Multiples Account. It is also possible to register with different accounts at the moment of startup the Softphone.

Call Center

We have integrated Call Center functions such as LogIn, LogOut, Pause, UnPause, in the case of pauses it is possible to declare them with cause, eg: Bath, Lunch, Rest, etc, very useful to obtain later reports. We have also integrated a personal Dialer.


Security in Sonata Communicator is our priority, the Agent will only have access to menus and functions that the administrator allows.  

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