Sonata Switchboard is an application through which you can monitor in real time all the activity in your PBX.

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SwitchBoard is an interface with which you can monitor and manage the different activities of your PBX. The different modules that this application has are: My Extension, My Queues, Extensions, Queues, Conferences, Parking Lots, Queues Stats Summary, Queues Members Summary, Queue Calls, Queue Overview, Queues Calls Counter and Trunks.


You can create Users, which will have certain privileges previously created. It is also necessary to associate the User with an extension.

Layout Management

You can management Layout to change or add new elements to your SwitchBoard. It is also possible to share Layout with other users.

Sonata Switchboard Overview

Sonata Switchboard Características

Administration level is a level of calls got by the middle that is replied by a human operator inside a specific time allotment. The worldwide metric is 80% of calls replied in 20 seconds. This is the most widely recognized benchmark to gauge the level of administration a call focus Call Center gives its clients. Albeit identified with the service.our Call focuses Call Center can either manage inbound calls (fundamentally demands, protestations or inquiries), or outbound Call Center calls (gathering data or advancing and offering items). Call focus chiefs are in charge of norms and targets identifying with client benefit, Call Center for example, client benefit targets, change and advancement.

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The Call Screening feature, when enabled, prevents a number from calling into the phone system. This is useful to prevent unwanted calling/solicitation, prevent harassment and/or abuse, stop telemarketing companies who just won’t give up, and more.

This essential phone feature allows users to transfer calls from their phone. Calls can be transferred to another user, voicemail, an external number, and other destinations.

Call transfers can be done in two distinct ways. The first method is called a Blind Transfer and it will connect two calls immediately. The second is called an Attended Transfer, and this method connects the person making the transfer with the intended recipient first. This gives the transferring user a chance to inform the recipient who is on the line before the actual transfer is made.
Call recording is a useful feature which enables a calling or called party to record a conversation using their phone. Call recording can be set to always record, never record, or record strictly on an on-demand basis.

Call recording can be useful for training and/or quality assurance. Some jurisdictions/countries do not allow a call to be recorded without prior consent, please check your local laws before recording a phone call.
The Call Spy feature enables certain privileged users to listen in on any phone call. This feature does not allow the user using call spy to interact with any member of the call being spied on. This feature also does not alert the party being spied on that someone else is listening.

This feature can be useful if an executive wishes to listen to an active call live without the call party knowing

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