VitalPBX 2.0.1-1

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VitalPBX 2.0.1-1, Introducing Task Manager add-on and many call center features

Task Manager

The task manager add-on is a powerful and fully free tool that allows you to schedule any script created by the user as a task from the GUI. The user must to place first the scripts under the following path  /var/lib/ombutel/scripts/ and give to its scripts the right permissions, those scripts will be listed automatically in task manager module, allowing to the user associated a cron profile to schedule the execution of its scripts. After save the task the user must to apply changes to make effective its configurations.

task manager add-on



  • Reorganize queues form: The queues form has been reorganized to expose the most important fields in the main tab (General)

Queues Form


  • Queues, Join Announcement Feature: A field called “Join Announcement” has been added to the queues form, allowing you to define an announcement to be played to the caller immediately as they reach the queue.

Join Announcement


Extensions, Call Center Settings: A section called “Call Center Settings” has been added to the extensions form under the Advanced tab, by now, this section contains two fields (Dynamic Queues, Static Queues) that allows you to assign or remove massively an extension to any queue or group of queues.

call center


  • CDR Reports, Filtering by Time: The previous version of VitalPBX it was only possible to filter the cdr by date, in this version, we have added the ability to filter the cdr by date and time.

CDR Report


  • Ring Groups, External Numbers: Now is possible to add external numbers to ring groups.

Ring Groups


task manager queues form

It is possible to lock the phone with a password which is related to the extension, if the phone is locked every time a call is made you will be asked for this password. The blocking is done by invoking a Features code.

The Domotic module allows us to integrate automation controllers into the PBX (it currently works with Vera Smart Home Control). the integration is done by means of BLF that can be associated to any telephone that has this option. It is also possible to integrate it with virtual extensions.


  • Conferences Recordings: It was not possible to record conferences calls. Fixed
  • Hangup Causes: Almost all hangup causes for outgoing calls played the same connection error message, producing confusion among users. Now any un-handle hangup cause is no producing any message for avoid any confusion.
  • Dialplan: Fix some misspelled prompts in the base plan
  • Installation: In some cases after installation process only appeared the welcome page of CentOS Apache. Fixed
  • CDR Reports: Caller ID with utf8 characters were not shown correctly. Fixed


Important Notes

Due the latest changes in VitalPBX, a new version of Sonata Switchboard has been release in parallel.

So, We strongly recommend that, if you have installed the Sonata Switchboard, then, after updating VitalPBX, update immediately to the latest version of the Switchboard.



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