VitalPBX 2.1.0 – High Performance, PJSIP Trunks, Custom Trunks

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We are glad to announce the version 2.1.0 of VitalPBX, who comes with many new features and amazing performance improvements, check out the list of changes below.


  • Performance: One of the most notable changes on this version is the speed at which the changes are applied from the VitalPBX GUI. It could be said that it is twice as fast as previous versions.
  • AMI Users: The way to set write and read permissions to AMI users from VitalPBX GUI has been improved to be more intuitive and easy.
  • Switchboard: The same certificate settings are applied to the Sonata Switchboard when a certificate is applied from the HTTP Server module.
  • Bulk Modifications (Extensions): Now it is possible to enable/disable diversion hints massively from the Bulk Modifications module.
  • Translations: Spanish & Russian translations have been updated.
  • Voicemail Settings (Operator Destination): Now it is possible to define any kind of destination as the operator.

Voicemail Settings

New Features

  • Asterisk: Introducing the latest LTS version of Asterisk 13
  • Dynamic Routing (AutoCLIP Routes): This feature allows you to route missed or not completed outgoing calls to the original caller.  When an extension user makes an outgoing call, the called party can call back extension user directly, with no need to go through the Inbound routes settings.

Dynamic Routing

  • PJSIP Trunks: Now it is possible to create trunks with PJSIP technology

PJSIP Trunks

  • Custom Trunks: Now it is possible to create custom trunks, allowing you integrate technologies like OOH323

Custom Trunks


  • PBX Reports – Status: Due to the introduction of PJSIP technology in the trunks module, a PJSIP registration section has been added to the PBX status report to monitor the Outgoing registration requests.

PJSIP Registration

  • Tabs: A small refresh icon has been added on each module tab to reload module in an easy and fast way

Refresh Tab

  • Voicemail (No Password): Now it is possible to define if users who dial the direct voicemail feature will be prompted to enter their password or not

Voicemail Password

  • CID Lookup (MySQL): Now it is possible to select MySQL as CID Lookup source. With this new feature, the end user will be capable to execute its own queries to any database to obtain the right CID information.

CID Lookup (MySQL)

  • CDR (CSV): Now the CDR data is saved in CSV format, this is done with the aim of avoiding data loss. If for some reason the CDR does not save the data in MySQL, a script can be executed to synchronize the data from a CSV file.
  • Sonata Communicator: An add-on to centralize the Sonata Communicator settings and license has been introduced. More info.

Bugs Fixed

  • Class Of Services: When a Class of Service was established as private, and more than two Classes of Service were added as allowed, all local calls were blocked.
  • Paging & Intercom: It was not possible to paging more than two devices at the same time.


About Us

This project started with the objective of creating a system/interface for the administration of PBX systems based on Asterisk,  easy to use, totally adapted for different mobile devices (Fully Responsive Design), and with all the characteristics of an advanced telecommunications system; Combining the flexibility from Asterisk with concepts that have been satisfactorily used in traditional telephone systems, concepts that somehow were ignored by the new generations of IP telephony.

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