VitalPBX 2.1.1

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We are glad to announce version 2.1.1 of VitalPBX. This version is focused on resolving issues presented in previous versions, however, we always like to introduce new add-ons or features. That’s why in this version we include the maintenance add-on, a simple, but powerful add-on that will save you a lot of HDD space.

Bugs Fixed

  • Backup & Restore: It was not possible to restore external or internal backups.
  • Class of Service: It was not possible to call extensions with a CoS who was marked as private, even if the CoS of callers were listed as allowed.
  • CDR Reports: It was not possible to perform any kind of search on cdr reports when multi-tab option is disabled.
  • RTP Settings: It was not possible to update the RTP settings on certain scenarios
  • Custom Applications: The validation to determine if a custom application was being used as a destination was not performing in the right way.

Maintenance Add-on

VitalPBX Maintenance Add-on

About this Add-on

As we mentioned previously, this is a simple add-on with powerful settings that allows you to save space in your PBX. This is a commercial add-on and you may buy it through the following link:

How it works

The maintenance add-on has various settings, between them, the possibility to assign a Cron Profile item to schedule the execution of the configured options. These are the most powerful settings: 

  • Clear Oldest Recordings: This option allows you to define the maximum number of days that recordings should be retained, allowing you to keep only the most recent recordings
  • Convert Recordings: This options allows you to enable the conversion of CDR recordings from WAV to MP3. 


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