VitalPBX 2.3.8

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We are so pleased to announce that today we are releasing VitalPBX 2.3.8. This version includes all of the changes announced on VitalPBX 2.3.7 (RC), and some other improvements and bug fixes.

Thanks to all of our users, beta testers, and all of the VitalPBX community for reporting issues, suggest improvements, features, and contribute to the project on all levels to make VitalPBX better and better.

Next, we will list all of the changes included in this version.


  • Queues CallBack:
    • Dial Agents First: A checkbox labeled “Dial Agents First” has been added to the Queues Callback dialogue. If it is set to yes, the scheduled callbacks will be sent first to the agents and then to the customer.
    • Daemon: Now it is possible to define from the “System General” module how frequently the Queues Callback service will search for scheduled callbacks.
Queues CallBack | Dial Agents First
Queues CallBack - System General
  • Geo Firewall: 
    • Select / Deselect Countries: We’ve added a couple of buttons at bottom of the Geo Firewall add-on to select/deselect all the countries at once.
    • Countries Menu: We’ve added the possibility to search countries through the Geo firewall menu for selecting or deselecting, when clicking the desired country on the menu.
Geo Firewall - Select / Deselect countries at once
Geo Firewall Menu
  • Extensions: now the extensions menu is sorted ascending by the extension number.
  • I18n: Now VitalPBX is almost fully translated to the Italian language.


  • Trunks: The calls got into an infinite loop when the defined dialing manipulation rules were ambiguous.
  • Queues: The ringback tone played on queues when MoH was set to “None”, didn’t correspond with the indication tone (zone tone) defined on “SIP Settings”.
  • Inbound Routes: Enabling call recording on inbound routes did not guarantee that the calls were fully recorded, especially the transferred calls.
  • DialPlan: When trying to transfer an outgoing call from one internal extension to another, it was not possible, due that asterisk was trying to use the trunk channel instead of using the caller (extension) context.

If you want to know what other features, improvements, and fixes include this version, please visit the following link: VitalPBX 2.3.7 (RC).

Important Note: We fully recommend to update your add-ons after updating VitalPBX. This is to keep compatibility, and always have the newest features and fixes.



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