VitalPBX 2.4.1

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We’re glad to announce a new update for VitalPBX, version 2.4.1. We’re releasing this version to stabilize the previous version and include some new improvements and fixes.

Also, with this new version, we are including a new Plan, that will give you access to some commercial modules, and also, to extended features for VitalPBX. more info here.


  • Queues: Set members type to dynamic by default when creating new queues.
  • Certificates: Allows Let’s Encrypt to challenge over HTTP, even when the option “Force HTTPS” is enabled.
  • Extensions Status: Show user agent as part of the device info.

Extensions Status

  • Dashboard: Use a reverse proxy to provide dashboard information without open any additional port. So, with this update, it is not necessary to open ports 3000, and, 3005 for the dashboard.
  • Branding:
    • Now, the “APP Name” field value, is used as an application name through the GUI, not only as a tenant name. (only available for the licensed version)
    • Now, the mobile logo will be used as an image placeholder and for the modules menu. (only for the licensed version)
  • Virtual Faxes: The application name will be used as a signature for email faxes.
  • i18n: Updated Italian translations


  • Trunks: IAX2 trunks were not loading the register string after saving. This produced that the register string gets erased after updating the trunk configurations.

Special Note

A new notification has been added to the Free Community Version of VitalPBX. This notfication is just a friendly reminder that a lot of effort goes into the development of VitalPBX. You can close this notification at any moment. The Notification is permanently removed by licensing any commercial add-on, applying any Licensing Plan,  or by making a donation through our Donations Page. To clarify as well, Donations are one-time payments (no hidden costs, subscriptions, or anything of that matter) that will generate a license key, similar to our licensing plans. Donations will come accompanied by a fully licensed add-on or add-ons depending on the level of donation you choose.

VitalPBX FREE Version Notification
A Friendly Notification reminding you that a lot of effort goes into the development of VitalPBX.

You are in no way obligated to purchase a subscription to make the notification go away. We appreciate the support of those who have contributed to the VitalPBX project, either through a license subscription, support purchase, donations, or purchased any of our add-on applications.

Update (Release 2&3)

  • Communicator add-on:
    • Added Multi-Tenant capabilities. To allow these modules to be used by other tenants, you must modify the tenant users’ profiles, and allow the communicator modules.
    • Add missed softkey (Dialer Pause, Open Form) on the  “Softkey Profiles” module.
  • Virtual Faxes add-on:
    • Added Multi-Tenant capabilities. Now, you will be able to share the virtual faxes devices with other tenants, for this, you must allow the desired modules (Fax Devices, Fax Viewer, Fax Sending) on the tenant users’ profiles.
    • Fixed the fax filtering by the device on the fax viewer
    • Show current fax status on fax devices when editing.
  • Dashboard: The dashboard was not showing info when using uncommon ports to access the Web GUI. (fixed)
  • Paging: The “Skip Busy” option was not working as expected. (fixed)
  • Parking: The parking application was not playing the courtesy tone at all. (fixed)


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This project started with the objective of creating a system/interface for the administration of PBX systems based on Asterisk,  easy to use, totally adapted for different mobile devices (Fully Responsive Design), and with all the characteristics of an advanced telecommunications system; Combining the flexibility from Asterisk with concepts that have been satisfactorily used in traditional telephone systems, concepts that somehow were ignored by the new generations of IP telephony.

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