VitalPBX 2.4.2

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We are glad to announce the release of VitalPBX 2.4.2, this version solves various issues reported by the community, and also introduces new features on add-ons and core.

Thank you to all of you for supporting VitalPBX, through your participation, reporting issues, purchasing add-ons, subscriptions, or donating.

New Features / Improvements

  • EPM: Add Fanvil X6U and X210
  • Features: Add quick mode on the hot desking feature, for login/logout. (*80*1 -> Login, *80*2 -> Logout)
  • Portal: Added the “Click to Call” action on the module “My CDR”. Only for external calls
  • DialPlan:
    • Send calls to voicemail destination when DND is enabled on the called extensions. If the called extension has not voicemail enabled, then, the call will be sent to the configured DND announcement.
    • Only send calls to busy voicemail, when the call result returns busy.
  • Trunks: Now, it is possible to create a trunk without a technology profile, this is for avoiding unexpected behaviors due to the profile.
  • Branding:
    • The theme name (that is shown in the “users” Module), now is labeled according to the app name configured in the branding module.
    • Allows updating the meeting URL for video conferences.
  • Phonebooks: Now, it is possible to add/edit/delete contacts from external phonebook through the GUI. This is an extended feature, so, it will only be available if your current installation has any license activated (donation, any add-on, or any subscription).
  • API:
    • Improve click to call endpoint
      • Try getting the caller Class of Service when not provided.
      • Validate if the Class of Service ID provided belongs to the tenant requested
    • Allow using tenant id or tenant path in the API requests
  • Security: 
    • Improve asterisk filter for matching attackers
    • Fix filter to avoid DDoS attacks over SSH port
  • Dynamic Routing: Fetch any call when the option “Only Keep Missed” is disabled

Bugs Fixed

  • Extensions Status: An unexpected error was received when trying to get the extension status of an extension with multiple devices assigned to it.
  • Music on Hold: The mime-type of the uploaded files were not validated as expected.

Release 2

This is just a small update to fix some issues reported by VitalPBX’s users. Here is the list of changes:

  • Users: Now, super admin users are not visible for other users who have access to the user’s module. This is an important security update, due to some customers report us that sometimes the super admin user was visible on secondary tenants.
  • Dialplan: On the latest VitalPBX’s versions calls to features get stuck or take to much time for processing the activation/deactivation of certain features, so, we have modified our scripts to avoid this undesired behavior.

No other modules or add-ons have been affected by this update, only those small modification has been made.

Remember to always update all your add-ons after updating VitalPBX’s core.

Release 3

  • Certificates: The script that renovates Let’s Encrypt certificates has been fixed
  • Trunks:
    • Add Qualify Parameters on PJSIP Trunks
    • The unexpected exception triggered on the apply changes process when a PJSIP trunk is created without defining the parameter “match” has been fixed
  • Devices Profiles: Improve help tooltip on PJSIP profiles
  • DialPlan: Parse dialed numbers to remove spaces or invalid characters on local and outgoing calls.

Release 4

VitalPBX 2.4.2-4, it’s an update to stabilize the current VitalPBX version. This update includes various fixes related to the Multi-Tenant environment, follow-me, BLF, and others. Also, include updates for the phone-book and Geo Firewall add-ons.

  • Asterisk:
    • Enable the option “transmit_silence” by default
    • Don’t answer calls during a forward when calls come from a Ring Group or a Queue
    • Use Progress application to transmit Busy or Congestion tones, when the last destinations are terminate the call.
  • Multi-Tenant: 
    • It was not possible to add more than 25 inbounds DIDs on the calls routing tab.
    • Hints for various applications, like queues, call forward and others were not working on MT environments.
    • Dynamic agents were removed from queues in certain conditions when an extension gets updated.
  • Follow-Me:
    • Calls to follow-me now are sent to voicemail if all the listed extensions reject or not answer the call.
    • Now, when the option “Prompt Callee” is enabled and the strategy is “One by One”, the follow-me will continue with the next number.
    • The initial ring time option is not applied to calls if follow-me is conditioning by a time group, and this time group doesn’t match with current time and date.
  • Geo Firewall:
    • Optimize performance. Now, it is used one IP set per country.
    • IP addresses have been updated.
  • PhoneBook:
    • Now, it is possible selecting speed dials for internal phone books
    • Now, it is possible to create external phone-books without importing a CSV (This is an extended feature).

Remember updating add-ons from the add-ons module on VitalPBX after updating the VitalPBX itself.

Important Note

We FULLY RECOMMEND updating your add-ons after updating VitalPBX. This is to keep compatibility, and always have the newest features and fixes.



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