What’s new in VitalPBX 2.0

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What’s new in VitalPBX 2.0 (Upgrade from Ombutel 1.x)


Creation of PJSIP extensions, added to the extensions module is the creation of PJSIP extensions, which is the evolution of SIP

Dashboard (Panel)

Total overhaul of the Dashboard, in version 1.x of Ombutel there were many issues with the Dashboard, many times the graphics would distort and the data wasn’t exact. With VitalPBX 2.0 the Dashboard was changed completely, solving these problems and adding new information and functionality.

Improvements to the Queues

Improvements to the Queues module, two new option were added to the creation of Queues:
• Statistics reset, through a CRON created on a new module you can reset the statistics periodically
• Destination After Hang up, now it is possible to redirect a caller to a destination if an agent hangs up first. This is very useful to answer a client satisfaction poll, or perform a specific action.

IVR Statistics

Now it is possible to get statistics from the utilization of an IVR, meaning we can check how many times an IVR option is selected. Very useful if you wish to realize a user satisfaction poll, after a call on a queue. A free version is included that’s limited to one IVR.

Private Extensions

New option of private extensions in COS, Now it is possible to limit calls between if they belong to different COS. Very useful when the group is shared with many Companies, and you don’t wish for them to talk with each other.

CID Lookup

New module of CID Lookup, with this module it is possible to make data base queries in Inbound calls to identify the caller’s name.

Cron Profiles

New module of CRON Profiles, with this module you can configure the execution of processes periodically. For now this module is only used to reset the Queue statistics.

Video Conference

Video Conference, we included a module for video conferencing, with which you can realize a video conference with limitless multiple users. You will also be able to share your desktop, with a chat also included. All of this for free.

RTP Settings

New module for RTP Settings, now it is possible to configure the main Asterisk Audio ports from the interface, as well as the Stun Server.

Mini HTTP Server

New Module Mini HTTP Server, this module is included to enable the web socket for the implementation of WEBRTC in Asterisk (WS y WSS).

Certificates Creation

New module for the creation of certificates, this module lets you create Self Sign and Let’s Encrypt certificates. Very useful to encrypt the communication between client and server

Encrypt Calls

Now it is possible to encrypt the audio calls, to avoid that the calls get heard with a packet sniffing software.

HTTP Server

New module HTTP Server, with this module is possible to configure the HTTP/HTTPS ports of the interface, as well as assigning a certificate for HTTPS connections.


New Add-ons module, now it is possible to install third party module from the interface.

Update Right from the Interface

Now it is possible to update right from the interface.

Voice Guides Update

Voice prompts update, the VitalPBX proprietary voice prompts have been updated in English and Spanish. Thanks to Allison Smith and Maria for a Great Job

Custom Context

New Custom Context module allows an easy integration to the dial plan of custom contexts. A license for one custom context is included for free


Using the Phonebooks it is possible to load a complete directory of VitalPBX extensions, Feature Codes, Ring Groups, Conferences and Queue on your phone

Emergency Numbers

This module defines the external numbers that cannot be restricted, these numbers can be dialed from any extension, either a Hotdesking that is not registered or any extension that has completely restricted outgoing calls.

Bulk Extensions

In this module it is possible to create extensions in a range defined by the user.

New Welcome Menu

Now we are counting with a new welcome menu, in which you can select the application you wish to use:
• PBX (VitalPBX)
• Sonata Switchboard
• Sonata Billing
• Sonata Recording

Login Security

Now the GUI is more protected than ever, if the user enters several times the password will be blocked the ip where the request came from. This prevents massive attacks.


A new application to monitor the PBX activity.
A free version is included limited to one Layout.
More Infromation….

Billing System

New Billing application is added.
A free, fully functional, version of Sonata Billing is included limited to 4 extensions.
More Information……

Recording Management

New Recording Management application.
A free, fully functional, version of Sonata Recordings is included limited to 4 extensions.
More Information…..

Many improvements and fixes were included to the code.

It is possible to migrate from Ombutel 1.x to VitalPBX 2.0 with the execution of a script, the script is located in the following url: https://goo.gl/QCeBM7.
Best of all, it is completely free!
We invite you to our official web site: vitalpbx.org.



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