VitalPBX Success Story

Frontiir Co., Ltd

Unified Communications PBX System

Frontiir Co., Ltd

  • Yangon
  • Myanmar

The customer

Frontiir is the biggest ISP in Myanmar providing an affordable quality internet service to over 1 million users. Myanmar Net is the brand name of the internet service. It has the biggest Wifi and Fiber network in Yangon and Mandalay and rapidly expanding to other cities.

Business challenges

As the business grows, customer service demands grow as well. The Frontiir Call center has to handle thousands of calls per day. The existing FreePBX solution does not provide robust reliability and friendly GUI. So we had to look for better and more effective solution all the time. Sometime the call center freeze due to unknown issue and we had to reboot all the time and it impacted to our customer support channel.

The solution from VitalPBX

When we found the VitalPBX solution, we were so delighted that we wanted to swap at once. Before migrating to VitalPBX, we did a lot of testing in testbed nodes and we were very much impressed with results and GUI composition. The VitalPBX GUI is real voice provider GUI as compared with other PBX, e.g FreePBX GUI tend to be an IT application and not a familiar interface for voice engineer. We always believed that VitalPBX GUI was built by voice core expert with high quality IT expertise.

The results

Now our call center become very stable with HA after migrating to VitalPBX. Our management is satisfied with the performance and stability of the system. Our customer support team are also happy with enrich features and add-on of the solution. The system administration became very convenient and user friendly.

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